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When a local North Carolina hospital first introduced access control in 1993, the campus was comprised of 14 buildings and roughly 20,000 staff members.

When a local North Carolina hospital first introduced access control in 1993, the campus was comprised of 14 buildings and roughly 20,000 staff members. At that time, the hospital installed 34 access-controlled doors and two video surveillance cameras that sufficiently secured the property and staff. Since then, the hospital has tripled in size. As the hospital grew, Tyco Integrated Security – now Johnson Controls – was tasked with ensuring that the integrated security technology evolved to meet the changing needs of the facility and staff.

The Solution

As of 2016, the campus has grown to 40 buildings with over 70,000 employees. The new hospital campus now features leading-edge security solutions including 1,200 integrated cameras and 1,300 access controlled doors that are monitored by 24/7 predictive analytics. The technologies and systems are supported by a highly efficient staff and three trained technicians. Most importantly, the technology is scalable to meet the continued growth of the hospital with the addition of new properties, wings and staff. This allows the pre-existing solution to grow to meet the demands of the facility.

The Outcome

The hospital staff and patients have become accustomed to the increased security measures and have incorporated the use of card readers and video surveillance precautions into their standard workflow. In the case of emergency, the new technology more effectively and swiftly notifies police through the use of integrated alarms and video surveillance that monitors the various locations and wings throughout the hospital for suspicious behavior.

Our close relationship with the hospital allows us to effectively function as a department within their organization. With this comes a significant responsibility to ensure all systems are running smoothly and allows us to drive new technologies that are scalable for continued expansion and the evolving healthcare system.

There are many advantages for hospitals to partner with a single-source security provider. Investing in a single vendor streamlines installation and maintenance. It also allows the vendor to build a strong relationship with the hospital and become proficient in the unique technology and challenges that a facility faces. Working closely and collaboratively, a trusted partner will understand your facility and help you scale your technology as your operations grow. 



Keeping up with rapid growth of North Carolina hospital (PDF)


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